tasmin meyer ersahin

TASMIN MEYER ERSAHIN is a creative from the East Village in New York City. She grew up with artist parents who were avid participants of NYC's culture and nightlife. Tasmin started her career at age 18 as the fashion market editor for Paper magazine. There, she conceptualized, shot, and styled stories for both print issues and the online platform. She went on to photograph and direct for brands such as Tory Burch, Urban Outfitters, Air France, Marc Jacobs, as well as publications like Vogue Italia, Vogue Turkey and i-D. Her image-making work often involves creative directing, casting, and styling her own projects. Tasmin's deep interest in photography eventually led her into modeling and shooting self-portrait projects via collaborations with brands like M.A.C. and Fred Leighton. Tasmin’s upbringing in downtown NYC is evident in her work, as well as in her choice of models and collaborators who often are her friends. Her multicultural background and time spent traveling have also become inspirations - influencing her sense of beauty, style, and what attracts her eye during the image-making process.