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To apply for consideration, please complete the form below and include photos of yourself, both close-up and full-body with no make up and no hair products, taken in a well-lit space. Professional studio photos are not necessary - phone images taken by a friend or family member are perfectly acceptable. Wear either form-fitting clothing and/or your favorite outfit, since we would love to see your personal style!

Parent or guardian details for minors

Photo (up to 5MB each)
Guide for images
  • - Please submit a full-length, waist-up, close-up, and profile
  • - Do not wear makeup
  • - Take images in front facing natural dayligth
  • - Clean and simple images are best!


Information to the applicant

The Society Management belongs to an important group of companies worldwide, acting in the field of model management.

We are always looking for new faces/new looks. If you believe you have the necessary skills and physical characteristics, please feel free to submit your application.

We will do a first screening based on the information supplied by you and, should we deem it interesting to go further, we will propose you a meeting in our offices. Please consider that, in case you are under the age of 18, your application must be approved by your parents/legal guardian. We will not be in a position to consider your application, unless we receive your parental/legal guardian’s approval. This is why we ask you to provide us with an email address, telephone number and other data of your parent/legal guardian. In case of his/her refusal, or in the event the approval is not granted within 15 days from our request, we will delete all the data supplied by you in the application. Please remember that your parent/legal guardian contact information will be the only ones we will utilize, should we intend to contact you to propose a meeting. Please also remember that we will require that your parent/legal guardian attend any meeting we might propose to you in the future.

We will utilize the information, the photographs and the personal data provided by you for the sole scope of a preliminary evaluation of your potential as a model. It is important you give us true and complete information in order to allow us to do such an evaluation. In particular, please verify you are legally in a position to provide us with the photos you are annexing herewith and that no third party (the photographer or others) may object to this.

Your personal data will be stored in the EU and will be treated electronically or physically for the purposes indicated above. The storage and the treatment of your data will last for the period that is reasonably necessary in order to do the evaluation described above, not to exceed 6 (six) months. Thereafter, your data will be deleted, should your application be unsuccessful. There might be exceptions, in cases in which, though we not be immediately interested, we might wish to meet you in the future. We will inform you and your parent/legal guardian, should this be the case.

Please consider that this application is intended for girls and for boys between 16 and 23 years of age. We will not take into consideration applications from girls or boys under the indicated age limit.